Fastlane Tutoriel Ableton Live – PUSH HACKER 2 – Getting started

► This new FASTLANE tutorial is suitable for all push users and Ableton Live users.

In this tutorial you will learn to :

• Use most of Push Hacker 2’s functions

• Load push Hacker 2 into Live

• Re-assign some of your Push’s features in ‘Note’ and ‘Session’ modes

00:00 Intro
00:33 What does Push Hacker 2 do?
01:39 Loading Push Hacker 2 into Live
03:47 The ‘Map’ function
03:34 Sending messages onto Push’s screen
04:10 ‘Clip grid’ function
06:00 ‘Curve’ function
07:48 ‘Set track’ function
08:36 ‘Solo Track’ function
09:14 ‘On/Off’ function

► Download the ‘Push Hacker’ on Sound manufacture’s web site

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