First Time Rally | Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman

  • Make Noise Echophon
    Make Noise Echophon, Eurorack Module, DSP-based echo effect module, Pitch Shifting Echo with Time Modulation, Tempo Sync, Saturation Feedback and Pitch Shifting, Algorithm inspired by the Springer Tempophon, Parameter controllable via CV, Controllable delay time: 7 milliseconds to 1.7 seconds, Two independent
  • Tiptop Audio Z4000 NS
    Tiptop Audio Z4000 NS, Voltage Controlled ADSR Envelope with CV Processor, The first 50% of the pots are designed for high-resolution settings in the millisecond range, The second 50% of the control path adjusts the time range from 1 s to 1 min, Attack slope switch allows selection of a logarithmic or

First Time Rally | Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman

tvSjBbAaron Kaufman and his Arclight Fab crew take their very first lap around a rally track.

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  • Kärntnerland Junior
    Kärntnerland Junior, Harmonica@+New, fresh colours give our small 3-row harmonica an incomparable look. The inner life of this high-quality harmonica was also developed carefully. For the first time equipped with the special 1-A reeds, each individual tone responds even faster and more precisely. Due to the